Truth. The truth has been the root of this endeavor since day 1. The fact is the truth will not always set you free. Truth, the actual truth put me behind bars for the last 30 days. Essentially a political prisoner in a democracy. I’m not free because of the truth alone. 

I’m free because of you. 

Everyone who petitioned the government, who protested when it seemed unsafe, who tweeted, who wrote of my demise. I could have been a footnote in the backslide of our democracy. In a crisis like the outbreak, we are living through, are easy covers for the erosion of democracy. As we weather the genuine and startling danger of this outbreak we cannot lose our democracy. 

For a year prior we worked tirelessly to uncover the truth. To cover the events as they unfolded. But even more to put real human faces and stories into the reporting. We’ve been living in unprecedented times for decades. You could dare to say the United States has survived unprecedented times since Washington willingly turned over power to an elected successor. 

But let’s call it what it is. We are living through a zombie outbreak. It hasn’t unfolded like any of us expected. We knew we were covering something weird when it began. But a full-blown zombie outbreak wasn’t quite what we expected. 

We’ve lost many of our files and hard drives. The government has ‘lost’ them and has even managed to scrape the internet clean of our early writings, yes even the Wayback Machine.

I won’t bore you with too many details about the last month. Maybe in the future, I’ll spend time recounting in more depth but this outbreak is unfolding and we need to cover it the way we know the mainstream media can’t. 

Likely you know the story. I refused to give up our sources. The Trump administration used the Patriot Act to lock me away. They interrogated me daily to turn over information. Many days I wanted to break. Hours in solitary confinement blur. Hours blurred to days and my sense of self blurred. 

Lies can never hold back the truth forever. We all know this. The massive outbreak in Denver made our slightly obscure website a centerpiece of the story. But the scale of that outbreak and the lockdown of a major American city moved us from a source of truth to a target for this fascist regime. 

So much to unpack. Over the next few weeks, I’ll work to put a team together. Lisa is working on retracing her story back through rural Pennsylvania we have currently labeled outbreak 1. We are connecting with Chroniclers around the country and the world. We won’t just report the facts but give you the full human experience as best we can. 

Like all outbreaks or pandemics, they never hit everyone everywhere the same. They can be hard to believe or fathom. Like war or natural disasters, they seem distant and unreal until they arrive at your doorstep.

We all hope your reading will inform your decisions. Possibly help you prepare your town or region. This is real and someday it will come for you whether you believe in it or not. It is not Santa Claus or Tinkerbell it does not only come if you believe. 

As the team gets together we will be relaunching Chronicling The Outbreak and we hope you join us on the journey. 

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